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The Remarkable Versatility of Vinegar:Uses for Your Home

The Remarkable Versatility of Vinegar - AEG Cleaning Service
Discover the incredible cleaning potential of vinegar with AEG Cleaning Service. Our article explores innovative and eco-friendly ways to use vinegar in your home, from tackling tough stains to natural disinfection. Unlock the secrets to a sparkling clean and green living space today!

Did you know that vinegar was found by Babylonians back in 3000BC? They were using it as a preservative, condiment, and medicine. Some sources even say that you can discover mentioning of vinegar as far as 5000BC. It was mostly made from figs, beer, and dates back in the day.

However, some people say that vinegar was discovered by accident when a barrel of wine was stored for way too long, and it turned sour. Which theory do you prefer?

But what about today? How do we make vinegar, what are we using vinegar for, and how many vinegar flavours are there?

Vinegar is made from fermented liquid, where with time, naturally occurring bacteria called acetobacter combine with oxygen to create acetic acid. How simple, right? You can use different ingredients to make vinegar, such as cider, beer, rice or alcohol- wine. The mentioned acetic acid is what gives our vinegar the sour taste. Our ordinary white distilled vinegar usually contains 5% of those acids; therefore, eating it is perfectly fine. But basic white vinegar is higher it the acids, 25% and it’s sold only for cleaning purposes, so please do not eat it.

So, how can we use vinegar? We probably don’t even realise how many ways we can use it. So here I will tell you a few uses, and you might be surprised how versatile it is.

The Remarkable Versatility of Vinegar - AEG Cleaning Service

Vinegar in Food

Vinegar is excellent when you are pickling your cucumbers, onions, or tomatoes. It will give your vegetables that slightly sour taste, but how delicious it is. The most common way of using vinegar is for dressing and marinades. Instead of adding more salt, which we know is not very good for us, add a drop of vinegar to enhance saltiness. When adding it to your marinades, it will make your meat not only full of flavour but make it tender and melt in your mouth. Let’s not forget about poached eggs. Vinegar will help the egg whites set nicely, giving them a smooth round shape.

Using vinegar in Cleaning

Not all of us know that, but vinegar is a great ingredient to use as a cleaning product. We all have it at home, so why not make the most of it and use it to clean your kitchen? Make a solution of vinegar and water, and you’re good to go, and you can clean your microwave, greasy stovetop, sink, floors, fridges, stainless and enamel pots, blender, coffee maker and let’s not forget about glass. In some cases, for better results, you will have to add a little bit of baking soda, and you will be well surprised by the outcome.

Not so well-known facts about vinegar:
  • Vinegar can relieve a sunburn pain
  • The acid n the vinegar can cause your teeth to decay
  • November 1st is a National Vinegar Day
  • Natural pearl will melt in white distilled vinegar
  • If you drink a tablespoon of white distilled vinegar, it will stop your hiccups
  • The International Vinegar Museum is in Roslyn, South Dakota

So, as you can see, vinegar is not only timeless but very useful as well. Who knew that with only one ingredient, you could cook, use it as medicine, clean, and so much more? And all that because of a barrel of wine that was left for too long!

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