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Interesting facts about cleaning

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Discover the captivating world of cleaning with AEG Cleaning Service. Our article reveals astonishing facts about cleaning that will leave you amazed. Explore the history, innovations, and secrets behind keeping your space spotless like never before.

Cleaning, often seen as a mundane task, holds a treasure trove of fascinating facts of cleaning that can change the way you view tidying up your space. From ancient cleaning rituals to mind-boggling innovations, join us as we delve into the world of cleaning and unearth some truly intriguing insights that AEG Cleaning Service is excited to share with you.

Interesting Facts About Cleaning

Did you know that Denmark is the cleanest country in the world according to Environmental Performance Index? Data collected by EPI is based on a few different elements compared to other countries, such as health and waste management or air pollution. London’s air pollution level is 63.48, whereas Copenhagen’s is only 18.08. It’s a huge difference, and it’s no wonder that Denmark has held this title for the past couple of years.

facts about cleaning - AEG Cleaning Service

But we also have something to be proud of. The fastest window cleaner lives in England. Yes, that’s a real thing. His name is Terry “Turbo” Burrows, and he set his Guinness World Record in 2009 in Blackpool. All contestants must clean three 1.143m windows and sills without leaving any smears. Terry has done it in 9.14 sec!! No wonder his nickname is Turbo 😊and still, after 11 years, no one has beaten his record. Go, Terry!! You can watch his video HERE. 

Disneyland in California is not only best known for Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, but for being the cleanest one too. With all the beautiful costumes that cast members are wearing and all the attractions around, it takes a considerable amount of people and works to do that. It’s been reported that an average of 285 000 pounds of laundry is being washed every day. That’s like a typical house doing one laundry every day for 52 years! And on top of that, yes, I’m not finished; they also dry clean around 31 000 garments daily! How big their laundry basket must be? 😊 

An average human touches 300 different surfaces every 30 min. Quite a lot, right! And during that 30min period, you’ve most likely been introduced to 840 000 of your new friends, called GERMS. Now you know why most illnesses are spread by hand. Germs are among the fastest reproducing organism in the entire universe.

They multiply by two every 4 to 20min. So just imagine, how many of your new friends are on your hands every half an hour? If you try to multiply that on a calculator. Don’t bother; there are not enough spaces on display. Believe me; I’ve tried!

At AEG Cleaning Services we want to provide you with the best cleaning services from which the environment can benefit. We want to reduce our carbon footprint for a much greener and more sustainable planet. All our products are made in-house and their organic nature allows us to shine your home in the safest way possible free from harsh chemical use.

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