How To Remove Bad Smells From The Home

How To Remove Bad Smells From The Home: A big part of creating a welcoming and warm atmosphere at home (and at work) is paying close attention to how it smells. Even if your house is sparkling clean from top to bottom, if there is a nasty lingering odour somewhere, it will be immediately noticeable, so it’s essential that you consider home fragrance as part of your cleaning schedule week by week.

Remove Bad Smells From The Home

There are many reasons why there may be some bad smells floating around and it might come down to a bit of trial and error before you identify the source of the stink, so it’s certainly worth taking your time and being thorough in your approach, or you may miss the root cause of the issue.

In the kitchen, if you can’t find what the problem is easily enough, perhaps take a look at the kitchen bin. Even if you take the rubbish out very regularly and never let it pile up, the bin itself can often start to emanate a bit of a pong, so perhaps consider giving it a good scrub at least once every two weeks. You might be surprised at what an effect this has!

If you think the fridge is a bit stinky, give it a good clear out and scrub it from top to bottom, then make sure that any leftover food is properly stored in lidded containers. You can also use odour absorbers like coffee granules to help you keep bad smells under control in between cleans.

The dishwasher can also contribute to a smelly home, so ask yourself when the last time you cleaned it was if you can detect something a little malodorous floating around. 

Once a month or so, just run the machine through a cleaning cycle to get rid of germs and bacteria – and make sure that you rinse your plates and dishes before putting them in the appliance in the first place.

The bathroom is another part of the house that’s likely to give rise to bad odours from time to time. Maintaining a solid cleaning regime in the bathroom is essential, with the main focus your toilet, sink and shower drain. 

Keep the toilet in particularly fine fettle by using a cleaning gel of some kind and pouring bleach into the water, before giving the room a good spray with something you do like the smell of.

As for the shower, clogged drains can be particularly smelly, so once a week or thereabouts, make sure you give it a more thorough clean to get rid of any clumps of hair that may accumulate over time.

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