How To Clean Your Toilet

Honestly, cleaning your toilet isn’t exactly a glamorous activity. You’re not alone if you’ve ever found yourself staring into that filthy porcelain throne, wondering how it’ll ever look shiny again. However, it is now more necessary than ever to clean your toilet thoroughly and frequently in order to avoid bacterial or viral diseases.

Cleaning a toilet can be a chore that you don’t want to do. While it isn’t difficult, it is possible to make a mistake. Believe it or not, there is a proper way to clean a toilet, and following it will ensure that any bacteria and viruses that may be there are eradicated. Cleaning strategies that are effective will not only produce better results but will also save you time and energy.

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Gather Supplies and Prepare the Area for Cleaning Your Toilet

Start by clearing everything out of the area around your toilet—cleaning a toilet is a messy operation, and there’s always the risk of spilling cleaner or water outside of the toilet. Remove all additional things from around the toilet and on the tank lid to avoid extra cleanup. Remove anything from the top of the tank to avoid dropping anything into the bowl during cleaning.

Flush and Add Cleaning Solution

Before beginning any work, put on rubber gloves. To avoid splashing or spraying, flush the toilet with the lid down. Fill the toilet bowl with your preferred powdered, liquid, or gel cleanser, and apply as near to the toilet rim as possible to avoid dilution.

Wipe Down Showerhead Surface

Give the toilet’s body a brisk wipe-down. Finally, polish the porcelain of your toilet to a gleaming sheen. Spray an all-purpose cleaning on the toilets outside with a spray bottle. Wipe off the porcelain of the toilet with a rag or paper towel, giving careful attention to the handle. Alternatively, you can simply soak a rag or paper towel in a cleaning solution or warm water and re-dip it as it becomes soiled.

• Clean the highest point on the toilet first; that way, if unclean water or cleaning fluid drips down, it will only come into contact with parts you haven’t previously cleansed.

Remember to clean areas that are difficult to view, such as the toilet’s base and the back of the tank that faces the wall. Pipe cleaners or a toothbrush may be required to effectively clean these regions.

Clean the Exterior of the Toilet

We mostly concentrate on cleaning the inside of the toilet, but what about the outside? While the cleansing solution soaks into the toilet dirt in the bowl, use an all-purpose spray cleaner to clean the outside of the toilet. To avoid leaking on already clean surfaces, start at the top. Spray and wipe off the tank, handle, and tank edges.

After that, clean the toilet’s exterior lid. Finally, wipe off the bowl’s whole exterior. Before cleaning the bottom borders of the toilet where it touches the floor, start with the sides and front. It’s also a good time to mop the floor around the toilet, which may be dirty as well.

Clean the Toilet Seat

The toilet seat is something that should never be overlooked. It is, after all, the section of the toilet that comes into direct contact with humans, and it must be carefully cleaned. Raise the toilet seat and spray the seat, inner lid, and toilet rim with a cleanser.

Wipe down the toilet seat’s lid, seat, and hinges from the back. Some toilets have hinges that pop open to provide easier cleaning access. To eliminate any traces of bleach or chemicals from the sitting surface, wipe the entire seat with a clean cloth dampened with clean water.

Clean the Inside of the Toilet Bowl

Start cleaning the bowl from the top and work your way down. Always start by scraping under the rim. Scrub all the stains and grime away from beneath the rim. Scrub the toilet bowl with the toilet brush, paying special attention to the drain hole opening at the bottom. With the lid down, flush the toilet.

You can clean the porcelain with baking soda, and if your toilet has brown or reddish rust or mineral stains, use professional products to remove them. Before working on rust stains, make sure you’ve flushed the toilet first. After scraping remember to flush the dish with the lid down. Probably you will have to leave the solution overnight for better results.

Keep in mind some of the rust-cleaning products may come to reaction with chemicals in the general-purpose cleaner, so make sure to always use gloves and wash your hands afterwards.

Pouring a can of cola into the toilet bowl, cleaning, and rinsing, and then putting vinegar into the toilet bowl water to remove any leftover stains are some suggestions.

Clean Up the Surrounding Area

To end, clean up any cleanser or water drips that may have occurred, store tools and garbage, and replace any things you took from the toilet.


When cleaning a toilet, wear safety glasses. Eye protection will keep you from splattering toilet water and cleaner, as most cleaning products contain chlorine and other chemicals that can hurt or damage your eyes.

To avoid contact with your hands, you might want to wear rubber or latex gloves. Keep the seat lid down when flushing the toilet to avoid splattering and splashing. If at all possible, avoid using sponges when cleaning a toilet. Damp sponges provide an ideal growing ground for bacteria.  If necessary, sterilise sponges by placing them in a microwave oven for 30 seconds or so when damp, according to experts, as heat eliminates all bacteria. Paper towels are an excellent choice because they can be discarded.

Avoid toilet bowl cleanser tablets or discs, such as the kind that’s dropped into the tank or hangs on the lip of the bowl, by washing them in their own load in hot water with bleach. These items may include chemicals that harm porcelain, and if you have pets, the chemicals may be consumed by them.

In Conclusion

This is simply one more technique to keep a bathroom clean. With our professional cleaning knowledge, we know that cleaning a bathroom on a weekly basis is the most effective approach to keeping it clean.

What more can we do to assist you with cleaning?

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