How To Clean Your Showerhead

Your showerhead is your personal oasis, offering a soothing cascade of water to rejuvenate your body and mind. However, over time, mineral deposits and grime can accumulate, diminishing the flow and quality of your shower. But fear not! AEG Cleaning Service is here with the ultimate guide on how to clean your showerhead, helping you restore it to its sparkling best. Say farewell to clogs and hello to a revitalized, refreshing shower experience. Let’s dive into the steps to ensure your showerhead remains a source of relaxation and cleanliness you can always count on.

It’s not an optional element of housekeeping to know how to clean a shower. Everyone showers or bathes, so even if it’s just a fast wipe-down every few weeks, everyone should know how to clean that bathing location. (This will make self-described neat freaks cringe, but it’s better than nothing.)

Even the best shower cleaner won’t be able to completely clean the space if you don’t clean every inch of it. Consider this: when was the last time you washed the shower curtain or the shower head?

It’s actually quite simple to learn how to clean a shower curtain. Simply toss the shower curtain and liner in the washing machine, along with a large bath towel (or several) for scrubbing. Add detergent to the load and wash it on gently, then hang it to dry (or throw it in the dryer for just a few minutes). That’s all there is to it.

Hence, cleaning a shower curtain is not something people do habitually. Many individuals buy cheap curtains and throw them away when they get filthy, or they move so frequently that they don’t need them (purchasing a shower curtain with each new bathroom). Ironically, learning how to clean a shower head is probably the most important skill to learn and one that few people are familiar with.

Clean Your Showerhead - AEG Cleaning Service

Inspect Showerhead

When the water pressure from your showerhead isn’t as strong as it used to be, or the water is shooting in multiple directions, you know it’s clogged. The cause of this issue is a mineral buildup in your water, which indicates that you have hard water. While purchasing a new showerhead to replace your current one may appear to be the greatest solution, it will only cure your problem momentarily. Instead, use this simple approach to treat the source of the problem, which is a mineral accumulation from hard water.

Begin by attentively inspecting your showerhead. The next thing is to turn on the shower and inspect which water holes appear to be plugged. Thus, you must make sure that these holes are completely submerged during cleaning.

Mix Cleaner

Place the open gallon-size plastic bag inside the pitcher and fold the bag’s edges around the containers outside. This assists in keeping it upright. Now you must add 1/2 cup of baking into the bag.

Pour the vinegar into the bag slowly. Although this isn’t a science experiment, we guarantee you’ll love seeing the bubbly reaction. Continue adding the vinegar until it’s fully combined and settled without causing the bag to overflow. To dilute the mixture, add 1 cup of water.

However, due to the size and angle of your showerhead, the next phase can be tough to direct universally. You should be able to angle the showerhead downwards and totally bury each water jet in the bubble cleaner while firmly tying the bag around the showerhead’s neck in the best-case scenario.

If you have a two-in-one showerhead or a removable shower head, you may need to exert a bit more effort to get all of the jets fully immersed in cleaning.

Submerge Showerhead

A zip tie is an extremely secure way to secure the bag over the showerhead’s neck. Moreover, you can use a rubber band if you can wrap it tightly enough to keep the bag in place. People with small showerheads in their bathrooms should consider the weight of the bag because you may want to limit the quantity of cleaner weighing it down. (Pour all the excess into the bathtub or shower floor, and clean the area thoroughly.)

Now leave it for almost four hours, or even overnight, for the showerhead to soak up the cleaner. Wipe Down Showerhead Surface

Before turning on the water to see if any of the previously clogged jets have opened up, remove the bag and dump the liquid down the drain. If the water pressure in your shower head was low before cleaning, you might see a dramatic improvement today.

The following start by cleaning the showerhead’s surface with a dry microfiber towel. This helps to take off any leftover buildup or residue on the metal or plastic. Any soap residue and hard water spots should be gone, and your shower should be ready to use again.

Routine to Cleaning your Showerhead

For basic cleaning, have some diluted vinegar in a spray bottle. Baking soda is not required. Spray and wipe down the shower head as part of your normal cleaning routine to help reduce the number of soaking next time.

More Tips to Clean Showerhead

Plan to clean your showerhead at least once a month to keep your water pressure consistent and powerful, as well as to keep bacterial growth to a bare minimum. Make sure you clean the surface of your bathroom with vinegar at least once a week. Here are a few more tips on how you should be cleaning your showerhead:

• Never clean a shower head with bleach. According to some research, chlorine bleach increases the formation of dangerous bacteria in one of the showerheads investigated in the CIRES showerhead study. Furthermore, bleach is toxic and can destroy clothing, so it’s best to avoid it.

• Avoid using a brush with a stiff bristle. Some of the showerheads are protected metal surfaces, due to which they may scratch and scuff easily.

• Work in a well-ventilated environment. A lot of fumes occur when you start cleaning the showerhead, be sure you have enough ventilation. Vinegar and professional cleaning products are examples of this. While cleaning the head, the best way is to switch on a ventilation fan because everyone reacts differently to fumes.

Hire a Professional

It’s critical to keep your showerhead clean with vinegar for your health and enjoyment. Spend a little more time keeping your shower area clean, and you’ll have a nice shower every day. Cleaning should be enjoyable, and you should clean your shower head at least once a month.

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