Steps to Clean Your Tumble Dryer

Your tumble dryer performs a lot of work, drying load after load of laundry, so it’s only natural that it needs little care again and then. Keeping your equipment clean is essential for it to run as efficiently as possible, so use these tips to ensure clean your tumble dryer performing at its best.

Clean the lint filter

When you spin your clothing in the dryer, they release fibres and fluff particles. Your tumble dryer’s lint filter keeps these particles from obstructing the vent system’s airflow. It is very important to keep the lint filter cleaned in your tumble dryer after each use. If you don’t, the airflow through the dryer will be restricted, and your garments will not be adequately dried.

In order to clean your lint filter, remove it from the tumble dryer and suction the loose particles out with a vacuum hose. Your lint filter is located at the front of your tumble dryer, just beneath the rim of the door. Step two would be to wash your lint filter in warm soapy water to remove the remaining particles. 

Before putting your lint filter back in the dryer, be sure it is totally dry. While you’re waiting for your filter to dry, clear the slot your lint filter is in with your vacuum hose. Your tumble dryer’s airflow will be improved as a result of this.

Place your lint filter back into the dryer after it’s entirely dry, and it’ll be ready to use.

Empty the water tank

A tumble dryer removes water from wet clothing by rotating them and applying heat to them. The water that is taken from your clothes is saved in the water tank of the tumble dryer. The water tank will be housed at the top of your machine in a drawer or at the bottom, depending on the type.

Even though your water tank may contain enough water for two loads of washing, it’s preferable to empty it after each use. Just remove the water tank and pour the water down the sink to drain the water. Before re-inserting your tank into your machine, you might want to give it a brief rinse.

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Clear the vents 

If you have a vented tumble dryer, you should inspect the hose and vent. The hose on your tumble dryer helps circulate fresh air into your machine by removing warm, moist air from the drum. Allow adequate room for your hose to lay straight and free of knots. A kink in your hose can reduce airflow and lengthen the time it takes for your clothing to dry.

Check your wall vent for fluff and dust after you’ve checked the hose. If your vent is clogged, airflow will be restricted, which can lengthen the time it takes for your garments to dry. Use a vacuum hose which will help to remove any loose fluff or dust from your vent. Remove any leftover dust with a moist towel once the loose debris has been removed. This will ensure that your machine performs to its full capacity.

Clean the dryer drum

The drum of your tumble dryer must be cleaned for two reasons. For starters, filth and grit from your laundry might linger in the drum and spread to other loads. Second, the drying sensor is positioned in the drum and monitors when your clothes are dry; however, if unclean, it might lead to erroneous drying times.

How to clean the drum of your tumble dryer? Simply rub it with a clean cloth and white vinegar. This should ideally be done after each load, or at least every two loads.

Unclog the heat exchanger

Your tumble dryer’s heat exchanger converts steam from the drum back into the water. Your clothes fibres are mixed in with the steam and air that flows through the exchanger. These fibres can accumulate over time, resulting in a clogged heat exchanger. When your exchanger becomes clogged, the airflow through your machine slows down, preventing your clothing from drying.

Remove the larger bits of fluff from your heat exchanger with your hand to unclog it. The next step is to rinse the rest of the exchanger under the tap once the larger bits of fluff have been removed. Before putting it back into the machine, let it thoroughly dry. So, this is how you can clean your tumble dryer.

Clean your Tumble Dryer Frequently: Benefits

To maintain your tumble dryer functioning efficiently, it must be cleaned completely and professionally on a regular basis. But did you realize that a clean dryer has other advantages, such as improved safety and lower total costs? Today, we’ll look at four advantages of tumble dryer cleaning.

Clothes will Dry Faster

You will notice a considerable improvement in the length of time it takes to dry your garments after cleaning your dryer. Heated air trapped inside your dryer drum can have a negative impact on your system, your garments, and their longevity.

The dryer will Last Longer with Fewer Repairs

Dryer cleaning extends the life of your machine. When lint or other obstructions become lodged within your tumble dryer, it causes wear and tears on the machine. This will cause parts to break and your dryer’s lifespan to be cut short. If you want your dryer to survive as long as possible, cleaning it on a regular basis will assist.

Lowering the Power Bill

The longer it takes for your clothes and linen to dry, the more money you’ll spend on power. The time it takes for your clothes to dry will be greatly increased if your dryer is clogged. When your dryer encounters an impediment, it is required to work twice as hard to complete the task, which wastes more energy.

Although, we understand that not everyone has enough time to maintain the cleaning tumble dryer. Also, the best results are obtained from professionals. You can hire experts and professionals for tumble dryer cleaning from AEG cleaning services.

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