Why you should keep Clean Your Carpet more often

Cleaning your carpet at home

Automobile emissions and pollutants from industrial plants lead us to think of air pollution. We all understand that breathing dirty air can cause respiratory problems. Indoor air is as much important as outdoor air. What we breathe inside our home can be five times more polluted than what we breathe outside. It is helpful to understand some common indoor contaminants to lower your chance of developing health problems. Here are some facts you should know in order to keep clean your carpet.

Reasons to Clean Your Carpet Frequently

A variety of sources causes indoor air pollution. Particles such as dust mites, pollen, food, bacteria, and dead skin cells contaminate the air in our home. All of these pollutants become trapped in household objects such as textiles, linens, and carpets, posing significant health risks, particularly to youngsters, the elderly, and those with pre-existing respiratory disorders.

Clean your carpet because it has major health benefits, particularly in homes with small children, who are considered the most vulnerable. Young children spend a lot of time on the floor, and their immune systems are not as strong as adults’. Poor indoor air quality can cause respiratory difficulties like asthma, which is why most homeowners feel an improvement in their health after a complete carpet cleaning.

The cornerstone of a lovely, comfortable house is to clean your carpet. Consequently, a dirty carpet can bring a slew of health problems. Apart from improving the beauty of your home and increasing the life of your carpets and rugs, regular carpet cleaning has a slew of health benefits, which include:

Prevent Unhealthy Mould Growths

Mould and other dangerous growths are more likely to form in dirty carpets in high-humidity places when the carpet is exposed to moisture. Reduced airflow areas around vast pieces of furniture can also produce an ideal environment. 

When it rains, moisture can track indoors and soak into carpets, promoting the formation of mildew and mould. Mould, according to studies, is actually more toxic than smoking cigarettes since it creates spores in the lungs, which can cause significant health and respiratory problems. So this is also a reason why you should clean your carpet regularly.

Preventing Dust Mites

Dust mites are microscopic. They live in our homes, yet most of us are probably unaware of their presence. With this in mind, most of us are likely to be unaware of an infestation when it begins. Allergies are caused by dust mite faeces that have been left behind. 

When an afflicted area is disturbed, the minute particles are easily inhaled. Doesn’t it sound revolting? Consider the following scenario. To put this issue in context, a half teaspoon of dust can contain up to 20,000 dust mites, then imagine how much carpet space you have, even in the tiniest room in your house.

Promoting Good Air Quality

Vacuuming your carpet eliminates dirt and debris from the carpet’s surface. Although some vacuum cleaners recommend a deep clean, most only clean the top layer of the carpet pile. These contaminants can permeate deep into the carpet without getting deep into the bank. 

Clean your carpet is undoubtedly not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of improved indoor air quality, but it does have a significant impact. When dust and allergens accumulated by not deep cleaning the carpet are disturbed, they can circulate in the air and impact asthma patients’ health and the health of everyone else in the room.

Elimination of Harmful Pollutants

Carpets, as mentioned before, hold on to indoor pollutants, allergies, the usual dust and filth, pet dander and toxic fumes. Those fumes stay in the air and cling to particle matter, only becoming trapped in the carpet. Later, these hazardous fumes are released into the air or disturb the carpet, restarting the cycle when vacuuming.

Reduces Odours

Whether you cook frequently, have children or pets, smoke, or live near sources of aromas, odours can be a problem in your home. Foul odours have a negative impact on your emotions, thoughts, and behaviours. Bad scents might make you unpleasant and grumpy for no apparent reason. Smells can sink into your carpet and then be discharged as you walk on it. So you should clean your carpet quickly.

Balanced Humidity

A suitable balance of humidity is achieved through good indoor air quality. Humidity impacts every part of your life. When you have too much, your breathing becomes laboured, and your home becomes stuffy and damp. Hence, extra moisture promotes mould growth, increases dust mite populations, and attracts pests.

Easy Breathing

We cannot live without breathing; that’s a fact. Breathing is something that you don’t even think of; however, if the air quality in your home is poor, breathing can become very hard work. Poor air quality forces you to gasp for more air, meaning taking more shallow breaths. Those little breaths put a lot of strain on your body, particularly your heart and lungs. Straightforward action like climbing a flight of steps can become an extremely exhausting task.

What to do:

Vacuuming alone rarely suffices because it only removes loose dirt from the top layer of your carpets. To get the health benefits of having a carpet, you should vacuum and have your carpets professionally cleaned and treated by a company like AEG Cleaning Services. Why not give us a call today to see and let us help you improve your home’s internal environment by deep cleaning your carpets.

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