5 Top Tips For A New Year Deep Clean

With 2023 just a stone’s throw away, there’s certainly no time like the present to think about giving your home or place of business a good clean from top to bottom so you can start the new year feeling refreshed and ready.

There are actually all sorts of different new year’s cleaning traditions and superstitions from around the world so you definitely won’t be the only one if you are thinking of getting the bucket and mop out!

In China, for example, it’s believed to be good luck to have a clean and tidy house before a new year begins… although it’s also believed by many that sweeping on New Year’s Day is actually bad luck, so perhaps put the broom to one side for 24 hours if you want to keep luck on your side.

If you are planning a deep clean over the next few days, here are top tips for A New Year deep clean from the AEG Cleaning team to help you get the job done efficiently and to the highest of standards. Happy new year, one and all!

Top Tips For A New Year Deep Clean - AEG Cleaning Service


Clear the festive mess

It will be very difficult to clean the house if you’ve got lots of Christmas detritus and clutter here, there and everywhere. Tidying up, taking the rubbish out and putting everything away for the year is a great place to begin – and you may find it even energises you to continue with the rest of your cleaning jobs.


Make a list

Making a plan of attack can help you see what needs to be done and ensures that you won’t miss anything off. Start with the biggest jobs first so they’re out of the way and so you have an immediate sense of achievement and progress. It’s also advisable to work from the top down, doing the dusting and wiping before vacuuming and mopping.


Focus on often-missed areas

This is the perfect time to focus on areas of the home that you perhaps leave out or forget about during your weekly cleaning throughout the year. 

What about clearing out the cupboards and wiping everything down, throwing anything out that may be past its use-by date. And don’t forget to give your appliances a good clean, something else you may forget to do as the year goes on.


Put a date in the diary

It can be easy to put your cleaning off, so put a firm date in the diary and make sure you stick to it. Get all family members involved and the cleaning jobs will be done before you know it and you can celebrate together at the end. You might even have fun as you do it!


Bring in the professionals

You don’t need to go it alone and if you want to make sure your cleaning jobs are done to the highest of standards, bringing in professional and experienced cleaners can certainly help you achieve this. If you need help with house cleaning in Canary Wharf, get in touch with AEG Cleaning today.


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