What Materials Are Easiest To Keep Clean?

What Materials Are Easiest To Keep Clean: Cleanliness and hygiene is, of course, paramount at home and at work if you’re to prevent the spread of nasty lurking germs and bacteria, helping to keep everyone safe and healthy… but dirt can very quickly build up if you’re not careful, even if you’re someone who’s very vigilant with the cleaning. Life can get in the way of cleaning schedules, after all!

What Materials Are Easiest To Keep Clean?

To this end, it can be very useful indeed to factor in health and hygiene from the outset when choosing which materials and fabrics to bring in when doing the decorating. Picking materials wisely can really help make cleaning far easier to facilitate, ensuring that your property is as hygienic as possible, no matter what.

For upholstery, some of the best options out there include the likes of leather, which is quick and easy to wipe down, looks beautiful and is even resistant to stains, making it absolutely perfect for use in the home or your place of business.

Another excellent choice is contract-grade velvet, which can be highly resistant to stains if you opt for a stain repellent treatment. Velvet will always be a hugely popular choice for interior design schemes because it’s so luxurious, so it’s great to know that you can now invest in it without having to worry about it harbouring nasty germs.

And then, of course, there’s vinyl, which would be an excellent option if you’re planning on redecorating your office or your food business. It’s incredibly easy to clean and disinfect, which will make life easier for staff members as well as giving customers the peace of mind they’re looking for to enjoy their dining experience with you.

Moving away from upholstery, wood and timber are also excellent choices to make, whether that’s at home or elsewhere. Carpet does feel wonderful underfoot, naturally, but unless you’re really vigilant with your cleaning, the fabric can quickly become very dirty indeed, with all sorts of harmful bacteria hiding within the fibres.

With wooden flooring, or something like poured resin, you can make your site instantly more hygienic without compromising on aesthetics. And if you do still want to have something softer underfoot, you could consider laying down a few area rugs here and there, which are far easier to keep clean than a full carpet.

Consider the spaces that you’re decorating, as well, as this can help you decide what materials would be most appropriate. In places like the bathroom and kitchen, for example, moisture levels will be higher than elsewhere in the home, so selecting non-porous materials like quartz, glass and porcelain can make life a lot easier when it comes time to clean.

Regardless of your material choice, however, if you do find that there comes a time when you need a bit of a helping hand, get in touch with the AEG Cleaning team today to discuss domestic cleaning in Canary Wharf.

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