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The Environmental Impact of Cleaning Products

The Environmental Impact of Cleaning Products - AEG Cleaning Service
Discover the hidden environmental costs of common cleaning products and explore eco-friendly alternatives in our insightful article. AEG Cleaning Service is committed to a cleaner and greener future.

We love when our home smells like Fresh Cotton or Wild Cherry, but have you ever wondered what is inside your daily cleaning Products? What does it contains and what is the danger of using it?

Yes, there are dangers and side effects that come with having your home squeaky clean and smelling lovely.

Here are only a few examples of your usual cleaning products that are harmful not only to YOU but to the environment as well.


Bleach is a chlorine-based corrosive substance, which is a chemical element. Combined with vinegar, ammonia, or any type of acid cleaning product, can be very dangerous to the environment, humans, and pets. The smell of the bleach is very strong and when inhaled it may cause damage to your lungs and nervous system as well as headache, vomiting, eye irritation and muscle weakness. Also, If bleach gets in touch with the skin, it can cause serious burns to the tissue.


Detergents contain 25 harmful chemicals which may have a negative effect not only on your health but on the environment as well. However, the most harmful one is 1,4 Dioxane, which is used as a solvent. If inhaled in bigger quantities it may cause drowsiness, dizziness, headaches, and irritation to the throat, lungs and nose. Other side effects are irritation to the eyes and even anorexia. Some researchers consider 1,4 Dioxane a human carcinogen.

Floor Cleaning Products 

Floor Cleaners are full of toxic chemicals that are harmful to humans, pets, and the environment, however, if you see any of those on the back of your floor cleaner bottle, which are Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) or Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES), Phthalates, MEA (monoethanolamine), DEA (diethanolamine), TEA (triethanolamine), Sulphates and Phosphates or Triclosan, know that they’re toxic. Direct contact with those chemicals can cause damage to the eyes, especially in children, and damage to the skin by causing burns or leading to dry, itchy, flaky skin, asthma, lung irritation, and allergies and it also is responsible for polluting our water bodies and starving marine life of oxygen.

The Environmental Impact of Cleaning Products - AEG Cleaning Service

Glass Cleaning Products 

Glass Cleaners contain many chemicals that make your windows clean and shiny and one of them is ammonia, which is a poison that can irritate eyes, skin and nose when inhaled as well as cause damage to the respiratory system.

Oven Cleaning Products

Oven Cleaners contain many toxic ingredients, however, the most known one is called Caustic Soda (Sodium Hydroxide), which is very high alkaline (Alkaline is any substance having a base pH greater than 7). It is always recommended to read the back label, not only for the instruction on how to use it but for the side effects as well. Some of the chemicals found in the Oven Cleaners can damage your skin by causing burns, irritating your nose and lungs, or even causing blindness. It can also damage your appliances.

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Changing the above products to AEG Cleaning Services, where our products have Zero chemicals, you still get the cleanliness you are used to but without causing any harm. Well, the only harm you can cause is the jealous look on your friend’s face when she finds out that by using our products You have not only removed the dangerous toxins from around you, but you are also doing your bit to reduce your carbon footprint.

Every week we keep up with our blogs where we provide you with tips and hints on how to keep your home clean and shiny contributing to the journey to become more environmentally conscious. Please check our blogs for other ways and tips on how to be CARBON FOOTPRINT conscious.  

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