The Dirtiest Places In The Office

In the bustling hub of office life, appearances can be deceiving. While polished surfaces and tidy workspaces might suggest a pristine environment, there are often concealed sources of germs and dirt lurking in unexpected corners. AEG Cleaning Service invites you to take a closer look as we embark on a journey to uncover the dirtiest places in the office. From seemingly innocuous spots to high-touch surfaces, this exploration aims to raise awareness about hygiene hotspots that demand meticulous attention. Get ready to rethink your office cleaning strategy and discover how a vigilant approach can lead to a healthier, more productive workspace for everyone.

Now that we’re well on the way into wintertime, it’s even more important to prioritise hygiene and sanitation in our office environments.

Dirtiest Places In The Office - AEG Cleaning Service

A solid cleaning regime is the best way to prevent the spread of germs, along with staff training and awareness campaigns, but it’s also important to know where to focus your efforts the most as some parts of the office are sure to be dirtier and more germ-ridden than others.

Diseases can spread very easily through touch, so it’s perhaps wise to focus particularly on shared areas and items that are touched frequently by many different people.

Office door handles, for example, are likely to be rife with germs and bacteria since they’re always being used and you can’t guarantee that the people using them will have clean hands.

Making sure they’re cleaned regularly, at least once or twice a day, can help maintain health and hygiene standards, as can keeping hand sanitiser in close proximity so that people can use it as they come and go, helping to boost cleanliness standards even more.

Microwave doors are also likely to be germ infested, with these appliances in constant use if you have a big workforce. Keeping some hand wipes nearby can help protect your workers – and it could be useful to implement a work rule whereby everyone has to wipe the door handle after they’ve used the appliance.

And, of course, desk phones are always going to be seriously problematic where germs and bacteria are concerned, especially if you have hotdesking policies in play at work. Sharing a desk can be beneficial for all sorts of reasons, but it can be difficult to prevent germs and other nasties from being spread around and about.

Regular cleaning of these facilities is, therefore, an absolute must – and you could go one step further and ask staff members to give their phones a wipe down at the end of the working day so they’re ready for the next person who comes along.

Beyond the spreading of germs and ensuring a healthy, happy workforce, it’s important to remember that a dirty office can actually have a big impact on staff morale, leading to people feeling very dissatisfied with their work… and this could lead them to consider finding another job elsewhere.

Presenteeism is also something worth considering. When employees come into work when they’re ill, it can have a big knock-on effect on productivity levels. And, of course, productivity is sure to dip if people fall ill and call in sick to work, which is why it’s so important to prioritise cleaning and hygiene at all times, not just during the winter months.


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