Deep Cleaning Services

from £155 /hour

Professional deep cleaning services

Deep Cleaning Services is one of the many cleans offered by AEG Cleaning Services, Our professional Cleaners are specialists in the Deep Clean of a property. Why not book yours with us today?

If you’re looking for professional cleaning services to help with a tremendous clean-up job that includes eliminating dirt from skirting boards, you should look for specialist services from our cleaning company. We can help ensure your property or premises is sparkling clean and free from nasty dirt and debris. Our deep cleaning services will surely impress you.

Deep house cleaning services can be a great way to freshen up your place. A good vacuum and dusting might not be enough.

Hiring specialists and cleaners who offer this level of attention can be what you need to give your property the boost it needs. Whether you’re preparing it for sale or rent, or just want to have a complete refresh, this level of deep cleaning can make a big difference.

To learn more about what this level of cleaning is involved, take a look at our checklist for full details. If you’re tired of cleaning everything yourself, it might be time to consider a professional cleaning service.

A deep clean isn’t just a quick check. This is a comprehensive cleaning service that ensures the removal of any harmful dirt or stains that could cause damage. This is usually the fastest and easiest way to get your property to a standard you are used to. Our experienced specialist cleaning team has years of professional cleaning experience. We are also available seven days a week and cover the east London Area. So if you need a quick cleaning service and don’t have the time or ability to get down and clean everything, then we are only too happy to help in any way we can.

Why are deep cleans more expensive than general cleaning?  With a general clean our cleaners will come in and clean the surfaces to freshen up your property, like an everyday clean you would do when you have the time, it is usually one cleaner and you have to provide the tools and products. With a deep clean, there is no surface unturned it can take a team of cleaners many hours to clean every inch of your property for a finished look you will be pleased with. Our checklist, gives you a breakdown of what is included in this service why not take a look and book your deep cleaning with AEG Cleaning Services Ltd today?

AEG Home Cleaning Services

Regular Clean
Our regular or one-off cleaning services can help if you have a busy work schedule or family life, we have cleaners near you as they are sourced locally in line with our mission They will help keep your property clean, giving you back that precious time to do the things that are important to you.
Spring Clean

Seasonal cleans are all about freshening up your home. Our spring clean can happen any time of the year. So let us help you declutter your property in any season of the year

Deep Clean
Our home deep clean is the clean that gets deep into the places that never get done. This is the clean that will tick every box, the cleaning of the inside of your oven the inside of your fridge/freezer, washing machine, tumble dryer and microwave.
After Party Clean
You will be glad you booked our after party clean, you have had all your friends and family over for that special occasion, you have had a few drinks to help celebrate, the last thing you want to do is start cleaning. Well, now you can just enjoy yourself knowing that AEG Home Cleaning Services will take care of everything for you.
After Builder Clean
Builders in? Dust everywhere? Give us a quick call and we will arrange for one of our professional cleaners to visit you asap. Available 7 days a week, you can ensure the after builders clean is done at a time that suits you.
End of Tenancy Clean

Our end of tenancy clean has been designed for tenants and property managers in mind.  We ensure each property is perfectly clean and ready for the next tenants to make it their home.

House Sitting
Our house sitting service is ideal for when you are expecting someone or something and you forgot or just do not have the time. This service will ensure our cleaner is at the property to take the item in, you will never have to miss that important visitor again or waste your annual leave.
Hate doing Ironing? We love it! AEG Cleaning Services is here to make your life easier, not just in cleaning but in other chores around the house. Get your day back and never worry about creased clothes again.

What’s Included?

Our cleaning products are:

100% natural

Cruelty free


Pet safe

Skin safe

Allergy friendly

All our products are 100% natural and made in-house. We guarantee that there are no chemicals in any products we use that could be harmful to children and animals.

If you would like to purchase any products that we use, please get in touch with us for prices.

AEG Cleaning Services

Home Cleaning

Release the beauty of your home with affordable, carbon-neutral home cleaning.

From £20.00 / Hour

Office Cleaning

Daily Office Cleaning without disrupting your workday.

From £25 /Hour

Landlord and air b&b cleaning service

Landlords & Airbnb

Making your properties gleam with every clean.

From £180 /fixed
Carpet Cleaning Service

Carpet Cleaning Services

Breathe new life into your carpets.

From £5.00 Meter Squared