How To Maintain Airbnb Hygiene Standards

How To Maintain Airbnb Hygiene Standards

In an era where cleanliness and safety are paramount, maintaining impeccable hygiene standards in your Airbnb property is not just a choice—it’s an absolute necessity. AEG Cleaning Service understands the importance of creating an environment that not only wows your guests but also ensures their well-being. In this guide, we’ll explore the essential steps and best practices to uphold Airbnb hygiene standards that set your property apart and keep your guests coming back for more.

With flu season just around the corner, there’s certainly no time like the present to really prioritise the hygiene and cleaning standards of your Airbnb, both for your safety and the safety of your guests. Illnesses can run rampant at this time of year and if you have a lot of people coming and going, it’s essential that you keep the accommodation clean and fresh.

Maintain Airbnb Hygiene Standards - AEG Cleaning Service

Regular disinfection of surfaces is a must, of course, and it can be beneficial to focus on high-use areas of the property, such as remote controls, light switches, doorknobs and drawer handles, toilet handles, sink taps and so on. Leaving your cleaning solution on for a few minutes before wiping down will give you an even deeper clean.

Whenever guests leave, it’s always advisable to give their rooms and any shared areas a good going over, so that everything is ready for the next arrivals. But you can also help guests from spreading germs during their stay by ensuring that there’s easy access to the likes of hand sanitizer and soap, disposable paper towels and tissues.

What can be particularly useful and help make cleaning that bit quicker is to install features throughout the property that remove the need for touch at all. Hands-free bins and other such receptacles can make a big difference, as can automated lights so people don’t have to touch any switches.

While cleaning, it’s important to ensure your own protection as well, so consider wearing gloves as you go to serve as a barrier between you and any lurking germs. Once you’ve finished, make sure you give your hands a good wash so you know you’ve done all you can.

Cleaning and hygiene have become particularly important in the aftermath of the pandemic and guests are sure to expect higher standards of cleanliness in order to feel comfortable during their stay. It could be useful to sign up to the Safe, Clean & Legal scheme set up by Quality in Tourism as a big signal to your guests that hygiene is a top priority for you.

One of the best ways to ensure hygiene standards, however, is to consider bringing in a professional cleaning team that specialises in Airbnb end-of-rental cleans. They know their craft inside out and will be able to get a deeper and more effective clean throughout the premises, ensuring that your Airbnb only ever receives positive reviews for hygiene.

This can help you comply with the standards set by Airbnb itself, so you can continue being a host for as long as you like. Listing cleanliness is one of the standards set out by the company and enforcement will be carried out in line with the severity and persistence of the violation.

Hosts are required to ensure that listings are free from health hazards like mould or pests and that high standards of cleanliness are met, such as no mildew in the shower, no extensive pet hair or dust. 

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