How To Deal With Dirty Airbnb Guests

To Deal With Dirty Airbnb Guests: Running an Airbnb can be a truly rewarding endeavor. You’re sure to meet all sorts of wonderful and interesting people from all walks of life, as well as earning extra income, giving you more freedom and flexibility to pursue other interests, learning new skills, enjoying new experiences… there are all sorts of benefits associated with hosting!

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However, as rewarding and as fun as it can be running an Airbnb, it can also be stressful, difficult and time-consuming, especially if you find your latest guests are not particularly hygienic or respectful of the premises.

There’s nothing worse than waving your guests off after a few days to go and have a look at their quarters and discovering that they’ve left it in a bit of a state. It can be very upsetting, especially if your Airbnb is part of your actual home – so it’s important to know what to do if you do ever find yourself in this particular situation.

Airbnb itself does have some ground rules for guests, including treating the host home as their own, following the host’s house rules and communicating promptly with the host if issues do come up.

In terms of hygiene, guests are required not to leave the listing in a state that would require deep cleaning. The cleaning fees you set are only meant to cover the cost of standard cleaning between guest arrivals, such as vacuuming, laundry and so on. It’s not supposed to cover the likes of soiled carpets, pet stains, moldy dishes and the like.

Guests are also supposed to put rubbish in designated bin areas, as well as being mindful of creating excessive amounts of waste. Furthermore, if any damage is caused by guests beyond what would be considered normal wear and tear, they’re supposed to inform you as the host of the damage as soon as they can so you can work together to find a reasonable solution.

Your guests are meant to pay any reasonable requests for reimbursement if they’re responsible for the damage sustained, as well as any missing items or unexpected cleaning costs.

If you believe the ground rules have been violated, you are encouraged by Airbnb to report anything as soon as you can. You are also encouraged to communicate directly with the guest, as this can be the quickest way to reach a resolution. 

Use the Airbnb message threat so you can keep a record of everything that happens, including any complaints from your neighbors that may have been submitted and any photographs that are relevant to the case in question. You can also report any issues via the Resolution Centre, as well as requesting payment for damages.

Leaving an honest review of your guests with constructive feedback for them can also help them be better guests for other hosts in the future.

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FAQs Related to Airbnb:

1-What should I do if I discover my guests have left the property in a dirty condition?

If you find your Airbnb property in a dirty state after the guests have checked out, take the following steps:

Document the condition: Before cleaning anything, take photos or videos as evidence of the mess left behind by the guests.
Contact the guest: Politely address the issue with the guest, mentioning the observed condition and referring to your house rules or guidelines.
Report to Airbnb: Reach out to Airbnb’s customer support and share the evidence you gathered. They can mediate and help resolve the situation.

2-How should I address cleanliness in my house rules?

Be specific in your house rules regarding cleanliness expectations. You can include instructions about:

Cleaning up after themselves (dishes, trash, etc.).
Properly disposing of garbage.
Any specific rules for items that might require extra care (e.g., white towels, expensive furniture).
Fines or penalties for not adhering to the cleanliness guidelines.

3-Can I charge guests for extra cleaning fees?

Yes, you can charge guests for extra cleaning fees if they leave the property in an excessively dirty state beyond normal wear and tear. Airbnb allows hosts to request reimbursement for damages and additional cleaning costs by using the Resolution Center. Make sure you have documented evidence to support your claim.

4-How do I handle a situation where the guest disagrees with the cleaning fee or damages claim?

If the guest disputes the cleaning fee or damages claim, Airbnb’s resolution process comes into play. You’ll need to provide evidence such as pictures, receipts, or any other documentation to support your claim. Airbnb will review both parties’ evidence and make a fair decision.

5-How can I prevent future issues with cleanliness and maintenance?

To minimize the chances of encountering dirty guests in the future:

Set clear expectations: Ensure your listing’s description and house rules highlight the importance of cleanliness and the consequences of not adhering to them.
Regular inspections: Schedule regular inspections to identify any potential problems early and address them promptly.
Instant booking control: If you’ve had issues with cleanliness in the past, consider using Airbnb’s instant booking control options to approve guests before they book.
Remember, maintaining open and respectful communication with guests is crucial in resolving any cleanliness-related issues. Most guests are considerate and responsible, but it’s essential to be prepared for situations where some may not meet your expectations.

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