How To Clean The Office Coffee Machine

How To Clean The Office Coffee Machine: One of the most essential items in any office or commercial environment is, of course, the coffee machine. It’s an incredibly hard-working piece of equipment and, as such, it’s important to look after it and treat it with the respect that it deserves.

How To Clean The Office Coffee Machine

Regular cleaning is a must, naturally, so as to ensure that the machine continues to provide all that much-needed delicious coffee to staff members throughout the day… and it’s a good idea to be as thorough as you can with the clean, as it seems that it’s possible your coffee machine might be harbouring all sorts of nasty little bugs.

Recent research from the University of Valencia in Spain revealed, in fact, that in Nespresso coffee machines there is significant bacterial diversity in the inner drip tray below the discarded capsules, boasting a rapid, rich and dynamic bacterial colonisation process… which is quite a scary thought, when you consider how much use these machines get at work!

So, with this in mind, how do you best go about giving your coffee machine a good old scrub down so you can be assured that it’s not posing a risk to health?

How you go about cleaning the machine will largely depend on the type of machine you have and it’s important to read the manufacturer’s instructions so you know how to do it properly. 

If you have a machine that grinds beans on demand, you’ll find that these can be quite tricky to clean, as used ground coffee can get stuck inside the internal components, but there should be a guide that tells you how to clean this. Cleaning the steam pipe is also important after each use to help prevent blockages.

For more traditional machines where you add ground coffee to a filter basket, you’ll need to make sure that you clean and flush out the brew head regularly, as well as unblocking the filter basket itself if it gets all clogged up, which can happen quite easily depending on how finely ground the coffee is.

And if you have a capsule coffee machine, the good news is that these are generally the easiest to keep clean! All you’ll likely need to do is flush it out with water regularly to give the internal parts a thorough clean.

Something you’ll need to do for all these machines, however, is a descale from time to time. Because your cup of coffee is basically mostly water, different minerals like magnesium and calcium will pass through the coffee machine and build up on the heating element in the form of limescale.

To get rid of this buildup, you’ll need to descale the machine and there are different cleaning kits available online to help you do it properly. Regular cleaning and descaling will help make sure that office coffee continues to taste delicious and not bitter… which in turn will keep the workforce happy!

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