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There’s no better sensation than placing your head on a clean, comfortable pillow when the night comes or even in the middle of the day for a power nap. We must emphasize the phrase ‘clean’ since a pillow may feel nice. It is more crucial than it is hygienic, so clean pillows in all your rooms.
According to numerous studies, our pillows harbour many bacteria in the form of dead skin cells, body oils, and other contaminants. In fact, the cleanliness of a fresh new pillow lasts only a few weeks before bacteria begin to accumulate, potentially causing skin and respiratory problems.

After a month or two, your pillows may be moderately filthy, but a few months later, you’ll have an extremely unhygienic pillow beneath your head! As a result, washing your pillows at least once every 3-to five months is highly recommended.
The main concern is how to clean pillows without harming the material and/or stitching; depending on the type of pillow – cotton, memory foam, down (feathers), or synthetic – you can wash it in the washer or, if you have some spare time, wash it by hand. Nonetheless, there is a right approach to carry out both procedures, which we will discuss with you today!

Clean Pillows - AEG Cleaning Service

One: Dust off Debris to clean pillows

Even with a pillowcase, scalp secretions, small particles like dust and dead skin cells, and hair can penetrate the cloth and hide in or rest on the pillow. While washing the pillow will destroy bacteria hidden within the foam, you may dust off most of the debris by patting it with power to lift it. This will aid in effectively cleaning the cushion without introducing additional particles into the mix.

As for sticky things, you need to take a different approach. Place a zippered sandwich bag full of ice over sticky areas like chewing gum, chocolate, or sticky syrup until it hardens. Scrape the hardened particles away with the edge of a plastic knife, beginning at the stain edge and working inward. If the debris softens, reapply the ice and scrape one more. If a spot persists, use the soapy cleaning described above.

Two: Soak in Hot Water & Detergent

Because pillows aren’t exactly little objects, you’ll need a large enough basin or tub to submerge one in water. Before placing the pillow inside, thoroughly clean the tub/basin before filling it with hot water and adding a cap (or two tablespoons) of liquid laundry detergent; swirl or swish the water around so that the detergent combines correctly and forms bubbles.

Use a long ladle or something else to keep your hand away from the hot water while stirring. Fill the basin, or whatever container you are using, with just enough water to cover the pillow; you don’t want the memory foam to absorb too much water, but just enough to allow the cleaner to penetrate the pillow’s core. NOTE: For a safe and effectively clean, the water temperature should be between 40 and 45 degrees Celsius.

Three: Wash by Hand

Before starting to wash your pillows by hand, make sure the water is lukewarm. When washing a pillow, it’s critical to use suitable hand skills to avoid damaging the foam. For an effective clean, drain and refill the tub/basin with a fresh mix of water and detergent at least 3 or 4 times during this process. After the pre-wash soak, use room temperature water because hot water kills germs in pillows and aids in the breakdown of stains before the actual cleaning begins.

To wash your memory foam pillow safely and effectively, follow the instructions below:

  • Gently knead the pillow without folding or twisting to ‘scrub’ at dirt inside and on the outside surface of the material; continue using the same hand techniques.
  • For an all-around clean, flip the pillow every now and then.
  • Gently massage or pressure the pillow’s corners and ends, as dirt from the foam’s core is pushed towards these places. Every time you replenish the water in the tub, give it a good rinse.

NOTE: For optimal results, apply these hand-washing procedures on the pillow while it is submerged in water.

Four: Rinse Out

Because many cleaning products can cause skin and eye irritation, it’s critical to remove all traces of detergent from your pillow. To ensure that your pillow is completely rinsed, place it under running water and gently squeeze it to eliminate the detergent.
Because all of those hand-washing procedures pushed the detergent deep into the fabric, this will take some time. Nonetheless, if given enough time, the cleaning solution will wash out.

Fill the tub with clean water and set the pillow inside; gently press down on the foam and check the water for suds to verify there is no soapy residue behind. If the material is producing bubbles, the detergent hasn’t been entirely rinsed off.
In this scenario, the easiest approach to remove all traces of detergent is to wash the pillow using the same hand techniques that you used to work it into the material. Continue to the next step until you’re sure there’s no more soapiness on the cushion.

Five: Dry the Pillow

A dryer, like a washer, can harm memory foam pillows in a variety of ways. Aside from the forceful spinning, intense heat might damage the foam to collapse; as a result, it’s critical to dry your memory foam pillow properly.

Air drying memory foam in the sun is the best and fastest way to dry it in a safe manner. If this isn’t a possibility, hang it over a clothes rack, preferably near a fan or in a well-ventilated area. After a couple of hours, flip the pillow to dry both sides. Before drying, gently squeeze out any excess water.
NOTE: Never dry memory foam pillows by hanging them up to dry, as this will cause the material to become uneven.


Did you know that you should clean your pillows every six months? They can collect a lot of skin, dust mites, and other things over time.
That takes a lot of the fun out of utilizing a pillow. AEG Cleaning Services takes good care of all types of pillows, including bed pillows, couch pillows, and even outdoor pillows. Each type of pillow, whether feather, synthetic, or cotton, requires a different cleaning method. Ensure a healthy living environment for you and your family by extending the life of your pillows.

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