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A gleaming oven is the heart of a spotless kitchen, but over time, even the most well-maintained ovens can accumulate stubborn grime and grease. Whether you’re a culinary enthusiast or simply looking to maintain a hygienic cooking space, knowing how to clean an oven effectively is essential. In this guide by AEG Cleaning Service, we’ll take you through expert tips and techniques to restore your oven’s shine effortlessly.

You don’t need us to tell you that cleaning the oven is one of the most difficult and messy tasks you’ll ever face, but it’s one that must be completed.

A filthy oven is not just unsightly, but there are also numerous practical reasons to clean an oven. Old food adhering to the interior of your oven can cause fire danger and reduce the efficiency of your oven. It will take longer for your food to cook, and your freshly baked cakes may taste strange.

It’s time to learn how to clean an oven once and for all, whether you’ve had a disastrous recipe fail that resulted in a major disaster, or it’s just been an embarrassingly long time since you last cleaned it.

We’ll tell you how to clean your oven properly as we’ve got some simple, easy ways to have yours sparkling clean in no time – after all, AEG Cleaning Services providers are called ‘experts’ for a reason!

How to Clean an Oven - AEG Cleaning Service

How Often Should You Clean an oven?

Similarly, to how frequent cleaning leads to less intensive cleaning later, the more you maintain your oven, the easier it will be to clean.

Your oven does a lot of heavy lifting, which is why it must be serviced on a regular basis. Cleaning this equipment thoroughly and on a regular basis is an important part of its maintenance. When it comes to cleaning its interior, how often should you do it? Cleaning should be done on a regular basis.

A filthy oven might affect the appliance’s efficiency and quality. Excessive residue in your oven will not only make your food taste bad, but it will also make your oven work harder to cook or bake to the proper temperature. Additionally, the effort of working through grease, filth, and other build-up can put a load on the machine, shortening its lifespan and increasing the risk of serious future problems, such as oven failure or a grease fire.

A clean oven makes for tastier meals and fewer germs, in addition to making the work more enjoyable. As a result, clean your oven at least once every three to six months, or more frequently if necessary. It’s also a good idea to do some spot cleaning during the month.

Best Ways to Clean an Oven

Let’s get this job done in just eight simple steps:

1. Make sure your oven is cool and clean it well.

To begin, remove all of your oven racks to free up space. Remove all those irritating little bits of burnt food from the base of your oven with a paper towel or old cloth, cleaning the bits straight into a dustpan pan or bin if feasible. The more you get rid of today, the less you’ll have to do afterwards.

Before proceeding to step 2, make sure your oven is completely cool.

2. Make use of the best oven cleaner available

It’s now time for some magic!

Baking soda is, in our opinion, the greatest oven cleaner you can ever buy. Yes, that’s correct. Baking soda may appear inconspicuous, but it will make removing grease and filth from your oven a breeze. You can spend a lot of money on harsh, chemical-based oven cleaners, but we prefer this inexpensive, all-natural oven cleaner.

To get started with your DIY oven cleaner, make a paste using 1/2 cup baking soda and water. Cover the bottom of the oven with the paste (avoiding the heating elements).

Wearing rubber gloves and using your fingers to make sure the mixture goes everywhere, including the very hard caked-on dirt, is a good idea!

3. How to Take Care of Oven Racks

Now it’s time to start thinking about oven racks! Isn’t this the most difficult aspect of cleaning the oven? That is, until now. We’ve discovered a super-secret tip that actually works.

In a bath of boiling water, dissolve some washing powder and soak your oven racks overnight. After a morning scrub, all of the filth will be easily removed. Magic!

If you don’t have any washing powder on hand, dryer sheets have been reported to work as well. Put a few sheets in the bath along with your oven racks. Allow soaking overnight before scrubbing the racks with the linens. Try putting them in the dishwasher if they’re not too dirty and you need to use the bathroom.

4. Set it aside to cool

Allow the baking soda and water mixture to work as you sleep and fantasize about how nice and clean your oven will be.

5. How to Clean the Glass in the oven

Now comes the fun part: cleaning the oven glass. Apply the same baking soda and water paste to the inside of the oven window as you did to the inside of the oven. Allow it to sit for half an hour before wiping the window clean with a cloth.

A popular alternative is to use a low-cost dishwasher tablet. Dip a dishwasher tablet (the powdery sort) in warm water without removing the coating. Rub it on the glass of your oven door, being sure to keep it wet by dipping it in the water every so often. You’ll be amazed at how quickly the filth disappears!

6. Clean an oven: The stovetop

While you’re at it, give the stovetop a quick once-over as well.

Combine the following ingredients in a mixing bowl:

• 1 tablespoon baking soda

• 1 tablespoon salt

• 1 tablespoon distilled water

Using the paste, scrub the top of your stove and wipe it clean – it’s that simple!

7. The following morning

It’s now or never! Wipe away the dried paste with a moist towel in your oven. If you need an additional hand to remove the paste, grab a rubber spatula.

8. Clean with vinegar and a wet cloth

Finally, fill a spray bottle halfway with vinegar and spritz the spots that still have baking soda on them. Wipe the excess bits away with your damp rag once more. Place your oven racks back in the oven after a brief cleaning.

Hire an Expert Oven Cleaner

You don’t want to deal with the grease and faff? You can hire someone to clean your oven for you. You are utilizing a convenient, time-saving, and less bother by hiring a professional like AEG Cleaning Service – worth every money!

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