How Dirty Windows Affect Business Productivity

How Dirty Windows Affect Business Productivity: Maintaining a robust regular cleaning schedule is an absolute must for businesses of all shapes and sizes, across all industries and sectors. Not only does it leave an excellent first impression in the minds of clients and guests, but it also ensures that staff members feel valued and well looked after. 

How Dirty Windows Affect Business Productivity AEG-Cleaning-Services.

No one likes to work in a filthy environment and, in fact, doing so can actually have an impact on your business’s bottom line… so making excellent use of office cleaning services represents a solid investment, one that is sure to pay for itself in the long run.

When putting your cleaning schedules together, it’s important to make sure that you don’t forget about the windows – although it’s very easy to neglect this part of the building because it is a big job and one that often requires specialist equipment and skills.

However, you might be interested to learn that failing to keep your windows clean can actually have a significant impact on the productivity of your employees, so if you’ve been wondering why standards have slipped of late, take a look to see how dirty your windows are!

One study from Cornell University in the US found that workers operating out of office environments with lots of lovely natural light saw an 84 per cent fall in symptoms like headaches, eye strain and blurred vision, all of which can really hamper productivity.

Increasing the amount of natural light also increased alertness levels among employees, with a ten per cent decrease in drowsiness reported.

Lead author of the study Alan Hedge said: “Optimising the amount of natural light in an office significantly improves health and wellness among workers, leading to gains in productivity. 

“As companies increasingly look to empower their employees to work better and be healthier, it is clear that placing them in office spaces with optimal natural light should be one of their first considerations.”

When it comes to keeping your office windows clean, the first step is to get rid of any dirt, debris, bugs and cobwebs from both the interior and exterior surfaces. This can easily be done using a broom or brush, depending on the height of the building and where your offices are located.

If you’re going to attempt the work yourself, you can get a lovely clean just by using a cleaning solution of your choice and some warm water. 

Wet the window down well and scrub at any tough spots you find, paying particular attention to the corners, ledges and rubber seals. A squeegee is a useful tool to get rid of any water, starting from the top and working your way to the bottom. Try to move as smoothly as possible to help prevent streaks.

Also try to clean the windows when it’s not super sunny outside, as the sun can dry the panes out too quickly, which then leaves nasty streaks behind. 

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FAQs related to How Dirty Windows Affect Business Productivity

1-How do dirty windows impact business productivity?

Dirty windows can have a significant impact on business productivity by reducing natural light, which is known to improve employee morale, focus, and overall well-being. Dust, grime, and streaks on windows obstruct sunlight, leading to a gloomy and less inspiring workspace that can negatively affect employee motivation and performance.

2-Can dirty windows affect indoor air quality and employee health?

Yes, dirty windows can contribute to indoor air quality issues by trapping pollutants and allergens on their surfaces. Over time, these particles can be released into the indoor air, potentially leading to respiratory problems and allergies among employees. Poor indoor air quality can result in increased sick days and reduced productivity.

3-Do dirty windows create a negative impression on clients and visitors?

Absolutely. Dirty windows can give a poor first impression to clients, customers, and visitors. Clean windows contribute to a professional and well-maintained appearance, while dirty windows can convey a sense of neglect or lack of attention to detail. This negative perception can impact business relationships and potential opportunities.

4-Are there safety concerns associated with neglected window cleaning?

Yes, neglecting window cleaning can lead to safety concerns. Accumulated dirt and grime on windows can obstruct visibility, making it difficult to monitor external conditions or emergency situations. In the event of a fire or other emergencies, clear and well-maintained windows are crucial for safe evacuation and communication.

5-How often should businesses prioritize window cleaning to maintain productivity?

The frequency of window cleaning depends on factors such as the location of the business, the surrounding environment, and the specific aesthetic and functional needs. Generally, businesses should schedule regular window cleaning at least quarterly, if not more frequently. High-traffic areas and windows facing busy streets might require more frequent cleaning to ensure optimal natural light and a clean appearance.

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