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Brewing that perfect cup of coffee is a daily ritual for many, but have you ever thought about the cleanliness of your coffee machine? From espresso makers to drip brewers, the path to rich, aromatic coffee can sometimes hide a not-so-pleasant surprise: hidden grime, mineral buildup, and lurking bacteria. In this guide by AEG Cleaning Service, we’ll show you why and how to clean your coffee machine to ensure each sip is as delightful as the first.

Is your coffee machine really so clean? Do you keep it clean and descaling on a regular basis? Surely, if we expect our dependable machines to provide delicious coffee, we must treat them with respect. Right? First and foremost, the sort of coffee machine you have, whether it’s a bean-to-cup coffee machine, an espresso machine, or a capsule coffee machine, will define the level of descaling and cleaning that’s required.

As a result, it’s worthwhile to learn about the cleaning procedures you’ll need to follow. It’s also a good idea to invest in some nice cleaning gear to make the job go much more smoothly. It is important to clean your coffee machine.

One out of every five people who possess a coffee machine has never cleaned or descaled it. Another one out of every five does so less than once a year. If you simply clean your machine once a year – or never – it will be more prone to leaks and blockages.

To avoid difficulties, the most crucial thing you can do is descale your coffee machine. The amount of cleaning required will vary depending on the type of coffee machine you have. However, regardless of the machine kind, make sure you disconnect it and let it cool down before using it.
Check out what we have to say below for some coffee machine cleaning recommendations and to avoid bad-tasting coffee in the morning.

Clean Your Coffee Machine - AEG Cleaning Service

General Cleaning Tips

Cleaning your coffee machine is often straightforward. They usually have built-in cleaning methods that may be activated with a simple button press. However, you’ll almost certainly have to clean the internal workings manually. A quick wipe with a microfiber towel will suffice for the outside of most coffee machines.
According to a blog post by the Cleaning Mentor, lime scale, dust, and coffee bean debris can build up in your machine over time. So, when it comes to cleaning and descaling your coffee maker, it’s important getting into a pattern, since this will assure consistently good-tasting coffee.

How Frequently You Must Clean Your Coffee Machine?

Make it a practice to clean your coffee maker on a regular basis if you want it to stay running like new and deliver the best-tasting coffee.
Daily: The removable parts such as the coffee pot, lid, as well as filter basket must be washed after each use. Use hot, soapy water to remove the greasy coffee residue. Use a baby bottle brush to scrub the pot if you can’t get your fingers into it. If you need more scouring strength, add salt or baking soda inside. Alternatively, you can place them on the top rack of your dishwasher.

Month: Clean your coffee maker once a month using one of these procedures to keep it in top shape. Your coffee machine can be smart enough and have a little button or a light that will remind you to clean it, however, it’s advisable to do it on a regular basis. Even if the machine has plenty of life left if the pump is kept clear of mineral buildup, those reminders are notorious for not working after a year or so.

Cleaning Bean-To-Cup Coffee Machine

If you consider yourself a true coffee connoisseur, you should invest in a bean-to-cup coffee machine. These devices ground coffee beans right on the spot, anytime you want, ensuring that your coffee is always fresh.
Most of these machines have a variety of indications and warning lights that will assist you through routine cleaning and notify you when it’s time to descale. However, you must remember to clean the coffee machine’s internal components, notably the bits that brew the espresso.

Ground coffee can get lodged in and amid the internal workings of a coffee machine, which may necessitate disassembling the equipment and physically removing the coffee. However, before you do anything, read the care instructions/manual because it should clarify how to remove it. In any case, having a set of coffee cleaning brushes on hand to help you clean and remove any unwanted coffee is always a good idea.

You’ll discover that cleaning the steam line is just as crucial. You won’t get that nice frothiness in your morning coffee if you don’t do this. All that’s required is thorough flushing of the pipe with hot water or the use of pipe cleaners.

Cleaning Espresso Machines

The brew head is the part of an espresso machine where the hot water is distributed into the coffee. Cleaning the brew head on a regular basis and flushing it with water after each use is recommended.

It’s also critical to keep the portafilter clean, particularly if you use finely ground coffee. This is because coffee can clog the filter basket, resulting in a build-up of pressure and a water leak. Use a pin to clean the portafilter (a pin might be supplied with the coffee machine).
Cleaning the steam pipe is considerably easier with a set of dedicated pipe brushes, as this is something that should be cleaned promptly after each use.

Cleaning Capsule Coffee Machines

Capsule coffee machines are the simplest to clean, which makes sense because they’re the most convenient method to brew a tasty cup of coffee (they also tend to be the cheapest). Simply wash off the exterior of a capsule/pod coffee machine with a microfiber cloth to remove any coffee stains. Dishwasher-safe parts like the drip tray and capsule holder should also be hand-washed (if dishwashable). Read the manual for any further care instructions.

Descaler Coffee Machine

Descaling your coffee machine is incredibly vital and, in many cases, critical to its operation. When descaling is required, the following issues may arise:
• Leaking
• Excessive pouring from the spout
• Reduced water flow
• The machine fails to heat up properly
• Unusual noises

Descale your coffee machine regularly to keep it in good shape. Some machines will allow you to descale using vinegar, while others may advise you to buy a commercial descaler.
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