How to Clean Duvet with AEG Cleaning Service

Clean a duvet may seem like a daunting task, but with the right guidance, it can be a straightforward and rewarding process. Whether you’ve spilled a drink, encountered a stubborn stain, or it’s just time for a refresh, AEG Cleaning Service is here to provide you with expert tips and a step-by-step guide on how to clean your duvet effectively, ensuring it stays fresh, cozy, and ready to keep you warm night after night.

Comforters and duvet coverings are sometimes confused. They may appear similar, but the main distinction is that a comforter has a removable cover, whereas a duvet cover is closed with buttons or ties. A duvet cover is frequently used on your bed instead of a blanket.
It’s also regarded as a design element, adding to the ambience of any bedroom.

Some people like to use their duvet covers as sheets instead of sheets. It’s frequently filled with wool, feathers, down, or silk, and it’s quite large.
Many people’s bedrooms aren’t just any other room. It’s a private haven. A magnificent bed with soft sheets, plenty of pillows and a duvet with a duvet cover is likely to be at the heart of this sanctuary.

Don’t go to sleep just yet!
Our sheets are changed and washed regularly, but what about the duvet cover? You use it on a regular basis, just like sheets and blankets. But, how long has it been since you washed it?

Clean Duvet - AEG Cleaning Service

Why Clean a Duvet?

If you’re wondering why you should clean a  duvet, the solution is to maintain your bed sanitary and dust-mite-free.
If you take proper care of your duvet, that fluffy bed covering that keeps you warm on frigid evenings, it can live a long and happy life. That is why washing a duvet and its soft, comfortable liner is a chore that must be done properly.

After all, your duvet is more than just a blanket to burrow under for warmth; it’s also a decorative accent that helps your bed become the room’s centre point.

We recommend cleaning your duvet cover once a week, potentially every two weeks if a top sheet is used, and depending on how near it is to your body when you sleep (do you use a flat sheet?) and how much general use it receives (are pets and kids crawling around on top?).

We sweat at least 200ml of fluids onto our sheets every night. House dust mites eat dead skin that has been partially decomposed by mould. Both the skin and the dust mites that eat it can quickly accumulate in unwashed mattresses and bedding.

How Frequently Should You Clean a Duvet?

Before you start cleaning your duvet, double-check that it’s a duvet and not a comforter. The main difference between a comforter and a duvet is that a comforter’s cover cannot be removed. In contrast duvet’s cover may be removed and closed using buttons or ties.
That depends on your usage habits, such as how and how often you use it.

Assume you’re using a duvet with a good duvet cover that you clean on a regular basis. In that situation, the duvet remains rather clean on the inside. As a result, you can wash it every two years. However, if the duvet cover is not washed frequently, the duvet beneath it will become filthy. If that’s the case, cleaning it twice a year might be necessary.

If you only use your duvet once or twice a year, such as during the winter, it may collect more dust in the cupboard. It’s preferable to wash it after each significant period of non-use in this scenario, especially if the gaps are many months long.
While we recommend having your duvet cover dry cleaned at least once or twice a year, you can wash it as often as once a week at home.

Quick Tip: Check the duvet cover’s care instructions before tossing it in the washing machine. Many duvet covers are constructed of delicate materials that washing machines could ruin at home. If you can wash your duvet cover at home, you’ll probably do so with cold water and a gentle cycle on low heat (you can also line dry it).

Benefits of Cleaning Your Duvet

A duvet can harbour a large number of germs. Not only germs but also dust and bacteria accumulate in a short period of time. As a professional, AEG Cleaning Services makes sure to use high-quality, environmentally safe chemicals to help eliminate viruses, bacteria, and dust build-up. Dry cleaning is required for any duvet made of delicate fabric, such as silk or sateen, or the material may be damaged.
Our cleaning professionals understand how to care for materials that require a little more tender loving care. We dry clean duvets as well; however, clients must separate them from the duvet before bringing them in.

Know Your Material

Before attempting to wash your duvet, make sure you read the care label and follow the instructions for the letter. Many manufacturers advocate taking it to the dry cleaners, but if your machine’s capacity is large enough, you can wash it at home. If you don’t have access to a garden or tumble dryer, it might be a good idea to take it to a professional.

Synthetic Fibers

You should be able to wash this at home, but make sure it fits in your machine’s drum with enough room to move about during the cycle.
Duvets with more than 13.5 to or greater than super king size should be washed in a larger capacity machine, which may necessitate taking them to a professional. It should be dried as soon as possible in the dryer or outside on a hot, sunny day.

Natural Fibers

Should be washed and dried with considerable caution. A dry cleaner is usually recommended because it can’t be washed and dried at home. It’s even more critical that natural fibres dry completely because moisture might cause the filling to deteriorate.

Washing Machine or Professional Cleaning of Duvet

While most down duvets may be machine washed, always read the washing directions on the label and don’t wash the duvet if it says not to. For a down duvet or down pillow, a trip to the washing machine can be a very unpleasant experience.

Washing a duvet on your own can be difficult and dangerous. Heat, pressure, residual moisture, and chemical stress can all deteriorate the down; thus, we recommend hiring a professional like AEG Cleaning Services. They provide professional duvet-cleaning services at a reasonable rate. The aim is to help you save the time and effort required to wash the duvet yourself.


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